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Message from the PTO:

Hi Gator Families-
The Green Holly PTO is a vital function of our elementary school. Green Holly is much more than just an elementary school with programs.  We are a Southern Reginal School with Special Education programs like the Infant and Toddlers, Judy Center,   SpEd 3year olds,  SpEd 4 year olds, General Ed 4 year olds, "TIDES" K, 1st & 2nd grade, "SAIL" 3rd - 5th grade.  General Ed K-5th grade.  We are a busy and very important school in this community. We must have “all hands on deck!”
The PTO is an effective and enjoyable avenue to be a part of your child’s education, and directly affect his/her elementary school experience in school!
Through various social events, fundraisers, and faculty and staff support ventures, we strive to create a partnership and community between the hard-working faculty and staff of Green Holly and the families and students they support. Join us in our mission… Join the PTO today and let’s get to work! 
We look forward to seeing you soon!

PTO Membership form for you to print out

PTO Membership form to fill out online 

PTO Calendar of Events 2023-2024


Your PTO Board

Name Position
 Elisa Depradine President
 Amanda Dannemiller Vice President
 Kym Bell                                Treasurer
 Kaytlin Rogers Secretary                                          
Teacher & Staff Liaison Cassie Smith
Fundraising & Donations Chair Polly Hansen
Volunteer Chair Catherine DeCristifaro
Lost & Found Chair Jamie Forgy
Social Media Chair Ashley Faull
Jenn Martin Executive Board Member


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