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Staff Directory


Name Contact Position
Jennifer Martin Principal


Assistant Principals

Name Contact Position
Chris Dyson Assistant Principal/PST Chair
Cindy Fletcher Assistant Principal/IEP Facilitator


Office Staff

Name Contact Position
Trish Davis Secretary to the Principal
Kelly Catterton Records Secretary/Buses
Sheila Bowling Secretary Attendance/IEP/Substitute Teachers/Meal Applications  


Student Services

Name Contact Position
Lori Swick Guidance Counselor
Jamie Walker Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)
Stephanie Kitchen ISIC Paraeducator
Charlottis Woodley Title 1 Student, Family & Staff Engagement Supervisor
Amanda Hartwig School Psychologist
    School Social Worker


Health Office

Name Contact Position
Amy Lasher School Nurse


Infants and Toddlers Program

Name Contact Position
Erika Greer I&T Teacher
Emily Cochran I&T Speech Pathologist
Kayla Daugherty I&T Occupational Therapist
Madeleine Sparks I&T Physical Therapist


Judy Center Program

Name Contact Position
Wendy Binkley Judy Center Specialist
Freneta Carson Judy Center Family Service Specialist (GHES)
Iris Mumphrey Judy Center Family Service Specialist (GWCES/GHES)
 Anne Kirchner Judy Center Early Childhood Liaison


Special Education (Pre-School)

Name Contact Position
Alice Snyder Special Education Teacher
Lauren Cartwright  Special Education Paraeducator
Heather Scott  Special Education Teacher
Latoria Armstrong Special Education Paraeducator
Kailey Long Special Education Paraeducator
Jaime Henson Special Education Paraeducator
Sara Girard Special Education Teacher
    Special Education Paraeducator
Breyah Hall Special Education Paraeducator
Rebecca Knopp Special Education Paraeducator
Pennington, Kristen Special Education Teacher
Christina Chase  Special Education Paraeducator
Ailiati Rumments Special Education Paraeducator


Teaching Independence and Developmental Skills to Early Elementary Students "TIDES"

Name Contact Position
Ashley Berry Kindergarten  Teacher
Daria Whitley Special Education  Paraeducator
Rachael Hall Kindergarten  Teacher
Stephanie Harper Special Education  Paraeducator
Shawni Evans Special Education Paraeducator
Melanie Horner Teacher
Brianna Greenwell Special Education Paraeducator
Maggie Gregory Special Education Paraeducator
Jazmin Burani-Tipton Teacher
David Holmes Special Education Paraeducator
Andrew Wathen Special Education Paraeducator


Support Academics and Independent Living Program (SAIL)

Name Contact Position
Mona Ash Teacher
     Special Education Paraeducator
Tatiana Montes-Acevedo Special Education Paraeducator
Michelle Imperato Teacher
    Special Education Paraeducator
    Special Education Paraeducator


Special Education (1st-5th Grade)

Name Contact Position
Dorothy Alvey Special Education Resource Teacher
Megan Smith Special Education Resource Teacher
Nichole Schlais Special Education Resource Teacher
Sue Colon Special Education Paraeducator
GiGi Republica Special Education Paraeducator
Cynthia Mangum-Harden Special Education Paraeducator



Name Contact Position
Shelly Gomez Teacher
Joanna McLane Paraeducator
Sue Minucci Paraeducator
Kelly Morgan Teacher
Rhonda Francis Paraeducator
Rayven Harris Paraeducator
Christina Camechis-Blair Teacher
Jevanina Schettini Teacher
Claulette Jordan Paraeducator
Tiffany Childress Paraeducator



Name Contact Position
Krista Pettit Teacher
Jennifer Quade Paraeducator
Joelle Harden Teacher
Julie Bryner Paraeducator
Kristi Cikovic Teacher
Allison Epting Paraeducator
Julie (Wallace) Brookhart Teacher
Elisa Quinn Paraeducator


First Grade

Name Contact Position
Ella Lefton Teacher
Kelly Price Teacher
Christina Parks Teacher


Second Grade 

Name Contact Position
Cassandra Smith Teacher
Brandie Maciejewski Teacher


Third Grade

Name Contact Position
Carolyn Katulich Teacher
Laura Cook Teacher
Shannon Haina Teacher


Fourth Grade

Name Contact Position
Jessica Doughty Teacher
Kara Scott Teacher
Gabby Pearson Teacher


Fifth Grade

Name Contact Position
Tom Simpson Teacher
Wendy Gavin Teacher
Laura Brubaker Teacher



Name Contact Position
Karen Anderson Art Teacher
Lindsey Brougham Media Specialists
Rachel Litz Media Clerk
Kayla Krause Music Teacher (Chorus/Strings)
Nathan Earley Music Teacher (Band)
Lewis Harden Physical Education Teacher
Brian Jones Physical Education Teacher



Name Contact Position
Gennifer Koebke Instructional Resource Teacher
Melanie Cannon Instructional Resource Teacher
Christi Wenk Instructional Resource Teacher
Wendy Much Instructional Resource Teacher
 Maggie Brown Title 1 Paraeducator


Search Providers

Name Contact Position
Bree Barber ASL Interpreter
Anna Burke Audiologist
Sharon Kaltwasser Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    ESOL Teacher
Sarah Dickinson Occupational Therapist 
Stefanie Egan Occupational Therapist
    Physical Therapist
Nicole Torres Nieves Speech Therapist (PSSE, PK, K)
    Teacher for the Visually Impaired
Rebecca Terhune Speech Pathologist


Building Service Staff

Name Contact Position
Prince Armstrong Building Service Manager
Kenny Dyson   Assistant Building Service Manager
    Building Service Worker
Austin Aylor   Building Service Worker
    Building Service Worker


Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Position
Bob Phillips Food Service Manager
Josie Vandegrift   Food Service Worker
Britney Ladson   Food Service Worker
Jennifer Knopp   Food Service Worker
Tracy Payne   Food Service Worker
    Food Service Worker